Szomański, PZL P.11c


Producer (type): Szomański, Poland
Propeller No.: 7199
Production Date: 21-09-1935
Pitch: 3400 mm
Diameter: 3000 mm
Engine: Bristol Mercury IV S2 520 HP
Country of Origin: Poland
Used on: PZL P.11c,

About the propeller. The propeller was produced by Włodzimierz Szomański’s factory, Warsaw. It belongs to the only existing PZL P.11c fighter aircraft owned by Museum of Polish Aviation at Kraków. The propeller is covered with characteristic black Tonkilaque coating. Original Tonkilaque coating is retained in the area close to the hub, under spinner. Other parts of blades were painted over with contemporary black paint (probably during plane’s refurbishment in the late 80s).

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 12 ash plies. The outboard leading edge of each blade has an aluminum sheathing. The propeller is covered with fabric and black Tonkilaque coating. Traces of Tonkilaque decal are still visible on the root of one propeller blade.

Aircraft and Engine. This propeller was installed on PZL P.11c fighter equipped with Bristol Mercury VS2 radial engine. However marking on hub (MERCURY-4-520 KM) indicates other engine type: Mercury IV which was powering P.11a fighter!, Available Information on this aircraft indicates that it had 2800 mm propeller while aircraft preserved at museum has 3000 mm diameter. It is probable that worker responsible for propeller marking at Szomański’s workshop simply made a mistake during stamping.



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Period Advert. Polskie Zakłady Skody, 1935

Period Advert. PZL 1935.