JD-2 aircraft with a Polish CWL Propeller.
Picture via Roman Postek, many thanks!

JD-2 aircraft was designed by Jerzy Drzewiecki, member of Aviation Division of Students’ Mechanical Association of Warsaw Technical University in 1924/1925. Plane was equipped with Anzani 45 hp engine and was first flown on 5th October 1926. Unfortunately it was completely burnt during landing as a result of fuel line failure. Pilot, lieutenant K. Kalina was injured but gave good opinion about plane’s behavior, so next aircraft were built. In 1929 the improved version JD-2bis was built. Plane had longer fuselage, revised empennage, thinner wingtips and small nose-over pilot protection.
Total 6 JD-2/JD-2bis planes were built. It was the first sport aircraft built in Poland before 1930 in more number than 3. The last plane in use of the family was JD-2bis with SP-ADP registration. It was damaged in 1936 and never flew again. Early versions of the plane used propellers manufactured by WCZL. SP-ADP had Genet 80 hp engine with Szomański propeller.