WWS Samolot

Wielkopolska Wytwórnia Samolotów „Samolot” was founded as joint-stock company on 11 August 1923 in the premises of Bank Poznański at 27 Grudnia Street No 4. The company was initiative of ltn. pilot Czesław Wawrzyniak, the president of Związek Lotników Polskich (Union of Polish Airmen). The factory commenced its activities on April 27th 1924. The factory produced aircraft under licence: Hanriot HD-14, HD-19, H-28S (altogether 215 planes) and own designed BM-4 i BM-5 (82 pieces). Propellers manufactured by WWS Samolot were copies of French originals.

The significant blow for factory was great fire which broke out on 12 September 1929. All the tools, materials and buildings including six BM-5 aircraft were destroyed. After reconstruction, the factory hasn’t regained its previous condition. Company bankrupted as a result of unprofitable production (aircraft manufactured in small numbers).