Unknown Propeller, Mercedes DIII, Stuttgart Museum

Propeller of Mercedes  D III engine, 170 HP (125 kW). Mercedes Museum, Stuttgart (entry 2022).

Producer of the propeller is unknown, may be replica as well. Propeller has markings, indicated power is 160 HP.

Mercedes DIII and subsequent DIIIa recorded the highest production volume of all aero engines during WWI. It had the high level of reliability and advanced design. More of 12.000 units of the engine were produced, therefore probably around 20.000 – 30.000 propellers fitting this engine type were produced as well.

Engine parameters:

  • Displacement:   14,778 l
  • Power:                170 HP
  • At engine speed: 1450 / min.
  • Production years: 1914 – 1917
  • Weight:               268 kg

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