Integrale Warszawa, Spad 61


Producer (type): Integrale, Poland
Propeller No.: 1622, Typ R R-1
Production Date: 1927
Pitch: 192
Diameter: 265 indicated by markings
Engine: Lorraine – Dietrich
Country of Origin: Poland
Used on: Spad 61,
Propeller with the story!

About the propeller. The propeller was produced by Włodzimierz Szomański’s factory Integrale, Warsaw. In private hands. Both decals: “Integrale Warszawa” and “Tonkilaque Varsovie” in almost perfect shape. Also Tonkilaque coating is almost perfectly preserved. The prop was cut to two pieces before restoration. In private hands (2017).

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 11 ash plies. The outboard leading edge of approx. 770 mm (measured along diameter) has aluminum sheathing. The propeller is covered by black laque.

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was used with SPAD 61. Engine: 12-cylinder, in-line engine Lorraine – Dietrich 12 Eb of 24,4 l cubic capacity.

Propeller with a story behind. The propeller was preserved thanks to Zenon Szymczyk and subsequently his family.

Zenon Szymczyk (22.12.1913 – 02.09.1988)

Zenon Szymczyk

Born in Radom, 1913, December 22. As soon as he graduated from ground school, being 16 years old only he found his way to a military squadron. In 1930-1934 continued his tuition to get airframe journeyman qualifications. In 1934 was called to arms to Aviation Unit in Warsaw. Next, moved to Military Aviation school, Dęblin, where he was flying Morane (Morane Saulnier AR-35), Hanriot (HD-19? or H28?) and RWD-8 aircraft. Delegated to Ustianowa, where he accomplished Cat C glider pilot course, flying Salamandra and Komar gliders.
During the training, when flying as a passenger of PWS 14 on the route Ustianowa – Dęblin – Radom – Ustianowa with lieutenant Knap got injured as a result of night landing completed with hooking against a cable.
On the 1st September 1939 he was working as an airframe fitter of PZL, Warsaw. Posted on the 2nd to Pułk Lotniczy Warszawa. After September 15th he got an evacuation order of RWD-8 airplane to Zaleszczyki (Polish- Romanian border). When the fuel tank was emptied he made a on field landing, only 12 km away from the destination. Together with the other Polish Airmen he found his way to France via Romania, Yugoslavia, Greece, and finally 6 days ferry to Marseille on board of Polish  ship “Puławski”. In Paris Polish aviators were split, some of them being sent to UK, some being sent to French Air Forces. Zenon Szymczyk is ordered to join 212 Bomber Unit as a gunner. Several times shot down, captured by Germans. Kept in several camps till the end of the war. The last one recorded was V Kahla (Thuringia), from which he found his way back to Poland in December 1945. Died on 2nd September 1987. Buried in Dęblin.


  1.  Biography Source: Family documents

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