Schwarz Propeller, Siemens Halske SH -14 Engine

About the propeller. The propeller was produced by Schwarz workshop, Berlin. The propeller is completely marked, the hub part indicates engine type, pitch (H – 145 cm) and diameter (D – 240 cm). Original decals were painted over and the central hub part was cut away – most likely to fit the clock in the middle.

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 7 plies: 4 ash and 3 mahogany (?). The outboard length of leading edge had brass sheathing.

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was powered by  Siemens-Halske SH-14 radial engine.


  1. Siemens Flugmotoren Sh 13 A * Sh 14 A Betriebshandbuch
  2.  Bramo Sh 14 A Motoren Handbuch. Ausgabe 1943

Siemens manual – Engine Picture, ca. 1928.

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