Sensenich Taylorcraft


Producer (type): Sensenich, USA
Propeller No.: Type W 72 CK 42
Production Date: unknown
Pitch: 1067 mm / 42 in
Diameter: 1829 mm / 72 in
Engine: Continental A 65
Country of Origin: USA
Used on: Piper L4 Cub,
Aeronca L3A, B, C, E, F, J Aeronca 65TC, 65TAC, O58, 65C, 65CA Aeronca 7 AC, 11AC, 11ACS Ercoupe 415C Interstate S 1 A Piper J 3 C 65 Piper J 4 A Piper L 4, A, B, H Piper PA-11, PA-17 Porterfield C P 65 Rearwin 165 Rose Parrakeet A-2 Taylorcraft BC-65, BC-12 65, L2 Taylorcraft BC-12D, BC-12D1 Taylorcraft DC-65, DCO-65 Taylorcraft L2A, B, H, M

About the propeller, The propeller was produced by Sensenich, USA. Nicely preserved decals. In private ovnership. Age – Unknown, most likely still can be orderd from Sensenich. Estimated price of the new one – (airworthy) 2800 USD.

Construction, The propeller lamination consists of five ash (most likely) plies. The outboard length of leading edge of approx. ??? mm and the tips have brass sheathing, while tips on the length of approx. ??? mm are covered with painted fabric.

Aircraft and Engine, Information indicates one of the Taylorcraft aircraft (the list can be found above) as the one the propeller mounted. The prop was working with 4-cylinder Continental A-65-8 engine, boxer layout. Engine cubic capacity – 2,8l.


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