Unknown USSR manufacturer, M-11 engine Polikarpov Po-2


Producer (type):
Propeller No.: 83-13460
Production Date: 1945
Pitch: 1670 mm
Diameter: 2350 mm
Country of Origin: USSR
Used on: Polikarpov Po-2,

About the propeller. The propeller was produced by unknown soviet war manufacturer, production date: January 10th, 1945. Propeller in a private collection.

Construction. The propeller has brass sheathing (mounted by thin metal grid) on leading edge. The surface of propeller is covered with linen(?) fabric and painted in olive drab. Airworthiness markings are clearly visible.

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was intended for Soviet five-cylinder 130 hp M-11D engine.The engine having 8,6 L capacity was rated at 130 hp at 1760 rpm. This engine was powering numerous aircraft PO-2 used by soviet Army.


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