WZP Bielsko Le Rhone 80 HP


Propeller No.: 1233
Production Date: November 1926
Pitch: 2210 mm
Diameter: 2400 mm
Engine: Le Rhone 80 C
Country of Origin: Poland
Used on:
Morane-Saulnier AR-35EP2

About the propeller, The propeller was produced by Wapienickie Zakłady Przemysłowe, Bielsko. Propeller is stored in Museum of Polish Aviation, Cracow.

Construction, The propeller probably is made of ash plies. The outboard length of leading edge has brass sheathing. Propeller is covered with Tonkilaque and probably it was done by Szomański’s factory. That is the reason that Integrale Warszawa decal (but in poor condition) is still visible on each blade.

Aircraft and Engine, Marking on the hub indicates popular Le Rhone 80 HP rotary engine used on different planes. One of many possibilities is Morane-Saulnier AR-35EP2 training aircraft.


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