Heiduk Propeller 160HP Daimler Engine


Producer (type): Heiduk, Austro-Hungary
Propeller No.: 723
Production Date: 1917
Pitch: 190
Diameter: 2800 - indicated by markings
Engine: Daimler 160HP
Country of Origin: Austria
Used on: OEFFAG C II,

About the propeller. The propeller was produced the Austrian producer HEIDUK. The propeller is in private hands, in Poland, the area of ex- Austro Hungary empire. Many Thanks to  Koloman Mayrhofer for the help in identification.

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 9 ash plies. The prop’s profile width is 230mm.

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was powered by 119.31 KW (160 HP) inline, water-cooled, anti-clockwise rotation engine. Aircraft is not 100% clear. Please find below the comment of  Koloman Mayrhofer: “The more puzzling detail is that the indication of 160 hp austro daimler makes only  a oeffag twoseater  possible. For the albatros D II or D III it is the wrong type, although technically it could be installed on a 200-210-225 hp engine but would be ineffective“.


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