Integrale Warszawa, Potez XV


Producer (type): Integrale, Poland
Propeller No.: 2139
Production Date: 1928
Pitch: 203-199,8
Diameter: 285
Engine: Lorraine Dietrich 400HP
Country of Origin: Poland
Used on:
Potez XV

About propeller. The propeller was  produced  by Polish INTEGRALE company. Propeller type was C-W-K . Found circa 2009 in Poznań, subsequently sold on internet auction.

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 12, ash plies. Propeller coating by black Tonkilaque. The outboard length of leading edge has aluminum sheathing.

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was working   with 12-cylinder, water-cooled in-line engine LORRAINE DIETRICH  12 Db, 400 HP installed on one of Polish Potez XV.


Period Advert. Renault Engine.