Szomański Armstrong Siddeley Genet 80 HP


Producer (type): Szomański, Poland
Propeller No.: 3435
Production Date: 1930
Pitch: 1230 - 1290 mm
Diameter: 1830 mm
Engine: Armstrong Siddeley Genet 80 HP
Country of Origin: Poland
Used on: RWD-3,

About the propeller, The propeller was produced by factory owned by Szomański in Warsaw. Propeller, or one blade and a whole hub, is in the collection of Poznań Army Museum in Poznań.

Construction, The propeller lamination consists of seven ash plies. Diameter of propeller is 183 cm and the pitch is 123 -129 cm. The propeller has metal sheathing on leading edge. The propeller is covered with Tonkilaque lacquer. On propeller the decal with Szomański logo is placed. The remnant of Tonkilaque decal is also visible.

Aircraft and Engine, The propeller was intended for British five-cylinder 80 hp Genet engine which was manufactured by Armstrong Siddeley factory. The engine having 4,12 L capacity was rated at 80 hp at 2200 rpm. In Poland this engine was powering light aircraft such as RWD-3.


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