Merville propeller, Hanriot H-19, France


Producer (type): Merville, France
Propeller No.: ?350 SERIE 135
Production Date: 1925
Pitch: ???
Diameter: 2420 mm measured
Engine: Hispano Suiza 8bc 180 HP
Country of Origin: France

About the propeller. Manufactured by French company Merville the propeller comes from Hanriot H-19 aircraft and was – most likely –  fitted as original  equipment. The propeller was identified by the engine, the production date and the serial number. Many thanks to Pierre-Michel Decombeix! Propeller is a part of private collection.

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 7 ash plies (each circa 21 mm thick). The outboard circa 475 mm of leading edge has aluminum sheathing. The propeller was entirely coated by – most likely – own produced paint or laque. Therefore instead of typical for this period Tonkilaque SELT decals we can find own, Merville ones.

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was most working with V8 Hispano Siuza 8bc engine, de-rated from 220 to 180 HP.

The aircraft can be identified pretty precisely. In 1923 Poland purchased 5 Hanriot H-19 (HD-19bis)  (plus one as the production sample). Aircraft were delivered in early 1925 and got following type numbers: 31.1  31.2  31.3  31.4 and 31.5. One of these was fitted – most likely with the propeller presented.


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