Ratier, Schreck FBA propeller


Producer (type): Ratier, France
Propeller No.:
Production Date: 1925
Diameter: 2650 measured
Engine: Hispano Suiza 180 HP
Country of Origin: Austria
Used on: Schreck FBA,

About the propeller, The propeller was produced by the French   manufacturer – most likely Ratier. Pictures were taken in 2013, presented here thanks to Andrzej Jasiński.

Construction, The propeller lamination consists of 9 ash (most likely) plies. The outboard length of leading edge of approx. 800 mm and the tips have brass sheathing. Originally coated with Black painting – most likely Tonkilaque – therefore black letters marking.

Aircraft and Engine, Markings indicate Schreck FBA flying boat as the aircraft  powered by this propeller. The propeller was working Hispano Suiza 18o HP engine.


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Period Advert. Ratier, 1939