Schwarz, Stromer


Producer (type):
Propeller No.: 382400
Production Date: 1939
Diameter: 1805 mm
Engine: Zündap 50HP
Country of Origin: Germany
Used on:
Stromer, Moller

About the propeller, The propeller was produced by Schwarz workshop, Berlin. This is one of the few known Schwarz propellers designed for light power aircraft. The propeller is fitted with a metal name plate, typical only for some light power Schwarz propellers from late 30ties / early 40ties. Also one original Schwarz decal remained.

Construction, The propeller is covered by fabric. The outboard length of leading edge had brass sheathing (length of approx. 590 mm of diameter); propeller is also reinforced by brass let under the fabric lamination.

Aircraft and Engine, The Stromer aircraft was powered by light engine Zündapp (Zündap was a well known German producer of motorcycles).  This propeller was developed for Hans Günter Möller’s design called Stromer. The aircraft was most likely assembled  in Grunau (Jeżów). Neither picture nor drawing of Stromer  aitcraft was found, therefore we present two other Möller’s aircraft: 3v3 Stomo i 3V11 Stürmer.

Sturmer - Temperolus


    1. Polskie Skrzydła nr 8, A. Morgała, W. Sankowski, wyd. Stratus.
    2. Lotnictwo z szachownicą nr 28.

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