Szomański, RWD-8 (2)

About the propeller. The propeller was produced by Polish workshops Szomański Warsaw. The story of the propeller stayes unknown. Preserved in a good shape including Tonkilaque cover and decals.  Privately owned, was available on an internet bid in 2014. The photographer of all presented pictures is Kamila Mokra. Many Thanks!

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 6 ash plies. Propeller coating was black,Tonkilaque (including aluminium sheathing).

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was used for RWD-8 aircraft, working with 4 cylinder engine



  1.  Opis Płatowca RWD-8, Ministerstwo Spraw Wojskowych, Departament Aeronautyki, Warszawa

Period Advert. Walter Engine, Poland.

Period Advert. Szomański, Poland.