Szomański, CB-17, yet unknown aircraft


Producer (type):
Propeller No.: 10643 typ CB-17
Production Date: 1939
Pitch: ???
Diameter: 2560 mm - measured
Country of Origin: Poland
Used on:

About propeller. Most likely designed by engineer Jerzy Bukowski in 1938 and produced in 1939. Exibited in → Muzeum Techniki Warsaw (2015), now known as Narodowe Muzeum Techniki in organizing process.

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 10/11, ash plies. Propeller coating by black Tonkilaque. The outboard length of 765 mm of leading edge has aluminum sheathing.

Aircraft and Engine. The prop has late coding of Szomański’s type. We will really appreciate for any information about it.


Period Advert. Szomański.

Period Advert. Polish Skoda Factory.